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Educational discipline

Rumours are circulating around the Senedd this afternoon as to what exactly went on at last week’s Legislation Committee to consider the Assembly Government’s Learning and Skills Measure.

The Committee proceeded through a number of amendments, some of which were passed partly as the result of the support of North Wales’ Plaid Cymru member, Janet Ryder. This was despite the fact that the Government were opposed to the amendments and she is a member of one of the two ruling parties.

Janet Ryder was passed a note and left the meeting. She did not return. The Committee then broke for tea. On reconvening the Plaid Cymru whip, Chris Franks came into the meeting and removed Janet Ryder’s papers. At this morning’s meeting of the Legislation Committee Janet’s place was taken by Rhodri Glyn Thomas.

Does this mean that Plaid Cymru have started the New Year by asserting greater discipline amongst their members? Does Janet Ryder still speak on education for her party?

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