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What did you make of Conference

The group that organises our Conference want to know what members made of it – what you liked, what you didn’t like, what was better or worse than before. Feedback has generally been extremely positive but getting it written down will really help.

They’ve set up a short online survey so people can do just that. It really does only take a couple of minutes to do find and fill it out here
We asked one person who came to Welsh Conference for the first time, Elaine Bagshaw the Chair of Liberal Youth to tell us her thoughts.
“When dragging myself out of bed at 4.30am on Saturday morning to come to Welsh Conference, I was hoping I would be impressed. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I got to go to a fantastic fringe run by Shelter Cymru on affordable housing – a campaign issue Liberal Youth is hoping to pick up this year – and discussed modular building techniques that could really deliver affordable homes, and deliver them quickly. This was something I hadn’t had the opportunity to discuss or explore previously, so I was really grateful to be given the chance to do so.

Having seen Kirsty Williams’ fantastic speech at Harrogate conference, I was delighted to see her speak again. She has an unshaken ambition not just for the Liberal Democrats in Wales but also for Wales itself. She painted a grim picture of how Labour is stagnant and Plaid had betrayed the people who elected them, but also offered a vision for how the Lib Dems would ensure a better future for Wales.

The highlight for me was, of course, the re-launch of Liberal Youth Wales (I.R. Cymru). A huge thank you has to go to Corey Shefman and his committee who I know have worked their socks off to get things going again in Wales. Their passion and motivation will ensure that the Welsh Liberal Democrats have a fantastic future. I also have to thank Lembit Opik MP, who did the fundraising pledge and who’s been massively supportive to Liberal Youth both nationally and in Wales. Also a big thank you to Kirsty Williams, who’s also been a huge support to Liberal Youth Wales and has helped ensure they have the resources they need to establish themselves.

All in all it was a fantastic conference, and I’m saving up for Wrexham now!”

If you attended conference as a corporate observer/exhibitor and want to give us (very welcome) feedback please contact

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