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An effective opposition

When the First Minister spends the first fifteen minutes or so of his press conference slagging off the Welsh Liberal Democrats for a particularly effective piece of scrutiny of his government then the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Kirsty Williams and her party are doing a good job of holding the government to account.

Rhodri Morgan’s choice of words is actually quite interesting. He says that it is untrue that civil servants had flown first class but can he actually say that for certain. His reasoning is unusual to say the least: “I don’t think I have ever flown first class, and if I haven’t done so, none of our civil servants will have done so either. The fact is that they can’t.”

He is not even sure if he has ever flown first class so how can he speak for the entire civil service without a thorough investigation? The fact that the Permanent Secretary has now been asked to examine the expenses system for civil servants working for the Assembly Government to ensure its appropriateness and to ensure transparency and continued value for money speaks volumes. It seems that even top management is uncertain as to what exactly has been going on.

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