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A leadership bid by any other name?

Over on Wales Home, the Welsh Conservative’s leader-in-waiting Jonathan Morgan sets out his stall in a way that may not be the best for attracting the votes of South East Wales Conservatives in any future leadership contest.

Jonathan calls for positive discrimination for female candidates so as to overcome the backwoods’ tendencies of most Conservative constituency associations. He wants the Welsh Conservative Assembly leader to also lead the party in Wales so as to catch up with the Tories’ rivals and compete on a level playing field and he wants automatic re-selection for regional list AMs so as to put them on a par with their constituency colleagues.

Jonathan also wants more training for candidates and for the Tories to offer more support to the most tenacious in winning seats and he wants to widen the party’s selection process along the lines of the Totnes contest.

It is hardly a manifesto for leadership but it is the sort of modernising agenda the Welsh Conservatives need to grasp if they are to improve their image in future Assembly elections. What will be most fun is watching the battles ahead if they ever try to implement these reforms, for when Nick Bourne mooted just one of them he was virtually howled down by less progressive elements of his party.

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