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Crunching the numbers

Last month I predicted August would be a quiet month here on Freedom Central. Frankly I should know better than to make predictions because precisely the opposite has happened – traffic has gone up. For the first time this month we got more than 5000 hits, almost making it to 6000, we doubled the number of visitors from 1000 to 2000 with our most popular posts being around culture policy and credit unions. Although a large number of you today seem to be interested in Plaid supporters tipping pints over Labour ones at Mardi Gras.

It’s been great to have more people writing for us this month, but it would be good to have more. We have a hitherto much underused option to blog in Welsh as well as English on the site and are keen to hear more about local success stories or funny titbits. The balance seems to be popular with our visitors because so many of them keep coming back for more.

Undoubtedly the increase in traffic is helped by other people linking in to us, thanks to those who did that. Big thanks also to the people who leave comments and start discussion. We want to see more of that with party members and anyone with ideas on how we can make that happen, hit us with them in the comments. Any other ideas on how we can improve the site are also welcome.

Finally, we totally ignored the results of the Welsh Total Politics poll. It’s best to do that when the result doesn’t say what you like (makes mental note to observe its happening and not swan off partying next year)… I like our friends in the Lib Dems a bit more though. Number 23. Badda bing.

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