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Who should be the next Chair of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee?

It has been announced that the next Chair of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee is going to be a Conservative MP. Assuming that it is intended that he will represent a Welsh Constituency we would like your views on which of the eligible MPs might succeed in securing this post.

Some points to note: David Jones and Stephen Crabb are not eligible as they have government posts. Jonathan Evans has apparently ruled himself out. David TC Davies has already announced that he will be seeking the post. Let us have your preference below.

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2 Responses

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  1. Paul says

    I don’t think a role like that is suitable for a first time MP, former/current AM or not, so if it has to be a Tory then David Davies it is.

    A better question should be why does the chairmanship have to be political? The makeup of the committee, should reflect the political balance in the House, but the chairman/woman should surely be the best person on that committee whatever political persuasion they may be.

  2. Harry Hayfield says

    And why does it have to be a Conservative MP? Roger Williams, Mark Williams and Jenny Willot would do just as good a job (if not better)!