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S4C must retain independence

S4C is absolutely crucial to the development of the Welsh language, and it cannot be allowed to have its independence or funding compromised by an unsuitable funding model.

S4C clearly don’t feel they have been properly consulted on changes to the way they are funded, and I share those concerns.

S4C can’t be immune to discussions over funding, but what they must have is full and proper discussions about the best way forward, and there is genuine concern that this announcement has come out of the blue. The value to the community of S4C must be acknowledged by the Government, and in particular the investment they have made in areas such as children’s television.

If this model is to be adopted there must be guarantees on the retention of funding from within the BBC, and on the editorial independence of S4C.

It is vital that S4C is properly funded, and is able to retain its editorial independence, and the Government must enter into discussions with S4C to determine whether this is the best way forward, and to guarantee S4C’s future as a quality broadcaster.

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  1. Matt says

    Crocodile tears. These are proposals by the Lib Dems as well as the Conservatives and you are equally to blame for the disgusting lack of consultation