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A record to be proud of

With the Liberal Democrat Federal Spring Conference starting in Sheffield today it is worthwhile reflecting on the progress that the party is making in Government.

The initial decision to enter a coalition of course, was taken following an indecisive election result so as to provide political and economic stability and to clear up the mess left behind by Labour including a £109bn structural deficit and an £800bn debt.

It is true that because the party did not secure a majority in its own right it has had to make unpalatable compromises, that is the reality of power. However, what we have achieved in less than a year is to take 50,000 low earners in Wales out of tax altogether, increased Child Tax Credits for 100,000 people in Wales, restored the link between pensions and earnings and guaranteed a minimum 2.5% pension rise next month, more if inflation is higher, increased capital gains tax by 10% and introduced a new tax on bank profits worth £2.5bn a year.

The Liberal Democrats have also guaranteed no future Post Office closure programme, introduced a pupil premium to help poorer pupils in England, brought in a green deal to insulate hundreds of thousands of Welsh homes, lowering fuel bills and reducing carbon emissions, abolished ID cards and restored the civil liberties abandoned by Labour, introduced measures to clean up politics and we are sorting out the public finances.

This is a record to be proud of and shows that the Liberal Democrats can be trusted in government.

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