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Welsh Lib Dem Councils keep Council Tax down

The BBC report that Swansea, Caerphilly and Monmouthshire councils are the only authorities in Wales so far who plan to freeze council tax next year, with average increases set for a record low of 2.1%.

They add that Anglesey council plans the biggest rise at 5%,- while 14 councils plan to raise rates and three are still to decide. The figures have yet to be ratified and do not include police precept.

Stuart Rice, the Welsh Liberal Democrat cabinet member for finance at Swansea council, said the freeze was possible because of savings within the council that do not affect front line services.

“We recognise that people are going through tough times at the moment and we do not want to add to the financial burden on them,” he said.

“Household bills are continuing to go up, when at the same time many people have seen their incomes frozen or even cut.”

Peter Black, Shadow Welsh Liberal Democrat Local Government Minister added:

“The pressure on family finances is growing and the last thing councils should do is make them pay more for the services they rely on.

“Careful financial planning and prudent spending by councils, especially Welsh Liberal Democrat-led councils, means that more money will be staying in Welsh people’s pockets during these difficult times.

“Welsh Liberal Democrat-led councils are keeping council tax increases low, and have consistently kept them low over the past four years, to help people out in difficult financial times.”

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  1. Richard Dean says

    Council services add value if they cost taxpayers less than if the taxpayers paid for them directly. Let’s hope that those councils don’t cut their positive-value services. An alternative (or complementary) solution in the present finiancial situation might be to adjust council tax bands to collect more from high income households and less from low income ones, and/or to adjust the rules for exemptions or rebates.

  2. glynbeddau says

    When I last looked there where no Liberal Democrats on Caerphilly council ( Plaid overall Majority) and only 5 on Monmouth.(Con Majority and you are only the largest Parties in Cardiff and Swansea. So isn’t your title misleading?

  3. Freedom Central says

    Plaid also control Gwynedd (incresae 3.5%) Lib Dems lead in Cardiff (1.4%) Swansea (0%) and Wrexham (2.69&). They are part of the Administration in Newport (2.9%) and Powys (2.25%)

  4. glynbeddau says

    I correct myself in that Caerphilly has a minority Plaid led council.. But then in Cardiff they are same position as you in Newport but isn’t 11 Libdems of 52 in Wrexham a bit far to claim leadership?

    But of course the rate of Council this year is about elections next May.

  5. Freedom Central says

    Wrexham has a Welsh LIberal Democrat leader and the Welsh Lib Dems are the lead group in the Administration.