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Fantasy politics

In this morning’s Wales on Sunday, Matt Withers highlights some of the problems faced by the Welsh Tories in trying to implement their local government manifesto, it is not local and its promises are outwith the powers of Welsh councils.

Publishing their manifesto last week, the party set out a veritable Christmas list of things they would do if elected to take over town halls across Wales on May 3.

They will freeze council tax, they promise. Fund schools directly. Freeze the Severn Bridge tolls. Put doctors and nurses in control and hospitals. And reform the planning system.

And if that sounds too good to be true… well, it is.

Because the Welsh Conservatives’ local election manifesto is made up almost entirely of policies it could not implement even if they won every single seat on all 21 councils which go to the polls next month.

In fact, it seems all the party has done is regurgitate its manifesto from last year’s Assembly election and given it a new cover.

Take freezing council tax. That would involve a huge injection of cash from the Welsh Government, which the Tories do not control and are unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future.

Nice to see that the Welsh Tory leader and his party have their fingers on the pulse and understand how to run things. If only!

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