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AMs to be recalled during Christmas recess

The Western Mail reports that Assembly Members will be recalled from recess for only the third time in the Senedd’s history to vote on new council tax benefit regulations.

The Senedd has been recalled previously to mark the Queen Mother’s death in April 2002 and on 19 July 2000 to debate the impact of the first comprehensive spending review on Wales.

The recall came after the Welsh Government was defeated in a bid to suspend normal Assembly rules to vote on rushed-through regulations on the last day of plenary business:

Opposition AMs had claimed they had received the final regulations only minutes before being expected to vote, while the Welsh Government said the delay was due to not receiving the final funding figures from the UK Treasury.

Rosemary Butler said: “In deciding to summon the Assembly on December 19, I am seeking to balance the calls for these regulations to be considered as a matter of urgency with the need to provide sufficient time for them to be properly scrutinised.

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