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Caerphilly Labour Councillors backtrack on pay rise decision

The BBC report that Labour councillors in Caerphilly have apologised for pay rises awarded to the authority’s top officials after protests by trade unions. And the council’s Labour leadership are now taking legal advice on whether it is possible to revoke the award:

Union members lobbied a meeting of Caerphilly council’s Labour group on Tuesday night at the council’s headquarters in Ystrad Mynach.

They demanded the council rescind a decision to increase council chief executive Anthony O’Sullivan’s pay grade from a maximum of £131,000 to £158,000.

In a statement issued after the meeting, Labour councillors said they “apologise, accept and wholly understand the concerns expressed by staff, trade unions and members of the public for the recent senior remuneration pay decision by a unanimous vote of a cross-party delegated committee”.

The group agreed it would arrange an urgent meeting before Christmas with unions to discuss the decision-making process that led to the pay rise.

It said the council leadership would “investigate the possibility of rescinding the decision based upon independent legal advice”.

In future, the full council will decide on remuneration levels for senior managers, it added.

Is this the fastest political u-turn in history? And will it be enough to limit the reputational damage to the Labour Party in Caerphilly?

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