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Misleading or misinformed ‘source’? – Welsh Labour Government must clarify comment on local school

A Welsh Labour Government ‘source’ should retract incorrect comments made to South Wales Echo regarding the establishment of the interim executive board for St Alban’s RC Primary School in Tremorfa.

The Interim Executive Board (IEB) was put in place by the previous Welsh Liberal Democrats –Plaid Cymru administration in January 2012 following serious concerns about the running of the school. The comments by the Welsh Labour Government say they established the IEB with the new Labour council who began their administration in May 2012.

The Tremorfa school is the first in Wales to require an “interim executive board” – established to replace existing governors and support acting head teacher.

An interim executive board was set up under the Welsh Lib Dem–Plaid Cymru administration in January 2012, five months before the Labour administration came to office. On-going problems at the school was affecting morale and teaching and decisive action was taken by the previous Welsh Lib Dem-Plaid administration.

I am giving the Welsh Labour government ‘source’ the opportunity to clarify his or her comments regarding the facts behind the establishment of the interim executive board as they are clearly incorrect.

If the Welsh Labour government source is mistaken, then I would welcome a statement clarifying this. However, if the source deliberately misled the public, teachers and pupils at the school then I want would want them to issue a full apology for the comments.

The education of the pupils at St Alban’s RC Primary School in Tremorfa is not an issue on which the Labour party should seek to score political points. Clear information about the issues that have arisen in the school and sensible solutions to turn the school around is what is needed now. The last thing parent, teachers and pupils need is political parties scoring political points.

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