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Better late than never

It is better late than never that the First Minister has finally caught up and called for proper powers for our National Assembly, but the question is, does his party back his position?

It is now time for the Labour party to make their stance clear on the matter. Does the Shadow Welsh Minister, Owen Smith MP, support these proposals? Does Ed Miliband support these proposals? If not, then one must wonder how significant these proposals actually are. As we all know, the Welsh Labour Government has traditionally had very little influence over their Labour colleagues in London. The people of Wales have a right to know what the Labour party’s position is on this.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been calling for proper powers for the National Assembly for some time now. If Labour had listened to recommendations from the Richard Commission, which called for a significant amount of what the First Minister is now proposing, we would be much further along the journey of having a proper parliament for Wales. It is disappointing that the Welsh Labour Government didn’t declare these proposals earlier, rather than conveniently finding a voice once their party was no longer in power in Westminster.

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