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Complaints about Welsh health service to ombudsman more than triple

The BBC report that complaints to the public services ombudsman about the Welsh NHS have more than tripled in six years.

Complaints have increased from 191 in 2006/7, when his office took responsibility for NHS complaints, to an estimated 680 for 2012/3.

Public services ombudsman Peter Tyndall is quoted as saying some of the rise is due to unhappiness over the quality of care, and he warns that services will become less safe without change.

The BBC say that cases that have been reported to Mr Tyndall’s office in the past year range from issues with ambulances and GP practices to hospitals to waiting times. More than half have been upheld:

The figures have been revealed amid controversy over a major NHS shake-up.

BBC Wales’ Week In Week Out obtained the figures as it examined the future of the NHS and the row surrounding the process of consultation, which the chair of one community health council (CHC) described as a “charade”.

Local health boards (LHBs) across Wales are going through the process of finalising reorganisation plans, many of which have led to opposition and demonstrations.

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