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One in ten homes in Wales at risk of flooding

Today’s Western Mail reports that new figures have shown that one in 10 homes in Wales is at risk of flooding.

They say that overall, the number of properties at risk of flooding fell from 220,144 in 2008 to 219,571 in 2012. The biggest fall was in the number of homes at significant risk, down 16,227 to 48,064 in four years.

But the number of homes at low risk has grown from 81,000 to 110,000 suggesting that while properties have remained at risk, the chance of being flooded has dropped from as much as a one in 75 chance to a one in 200 chance.

However, some areas have seen an increase in the number of properties at risk. In Carmarthenshire, 434 more homes were at significant risk of flooding in 2012 than in 2008, while in Caerphilly it was 173 more.

A spokeswoman from Environment Agency Wales said: “In the last four years we’ve reduced the risk of flooding to over 16,000 properties across Wales, taking them out of the ‘significant flood risk’ category.

“We’ve been able to do this through new flood defence schemes, refurbishment projects and through improving our flood risk mapping and modelling. As our understanding of local flood risk and our mapping improves, and as development occurs, this does mean that a few local authorities have seen a small rise in properties at risk.

“As our climate changes our weather is becoming increasingly extreme. This means that we are likely to see more prolonged heavy rainfall and more flooding like we saw in Ceredigion and the Vale of Clwyd last year.

“We cannot prevent all flooding from happening, but for those people who are at risk of flooding we can support them with our flood warning service and by helping them to prepare should the worst happen.”

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