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People of Wales deserve better

Once more the Welsh Labour Government has failed to get a grip on Wales’ NHS referral to treatment times.

Under Welsh Government targets, only 5% of patients should spend more than 26 weeks on a waiting list, yet statistics have shown that nearly 10% of patients have been waiting longer than that period. The Welsh Government also has a target for 100% patients to be treated within a maximum of 36 weeks. This target was also missed with 5,426 patients being forced to wait longer than that period.

Waiting for the start of treatment is a very stressful time for any patient. Reducing these long waiting periods has to be an important priority for this Welsh Labour government.

Only recently we discovered the shocking revelation that hospitals in England providing specialist care for Welsh patients were told to delay operations. That whole issue came about due to the fact that England has far better waiting times. In England the target is 18 weeks, whilst in Wales it is 26. Not only are the Welsh Labour Government’s targets less ambitious than those in England, but they can’t even meet them. Why is it that Welsh patients have to put up with much longer waiting times?

Welsh Labour Minister’s really should hang their heads in shame when they look back at their record of handling Wales’ NHS. Wales has the longest ambulance waiting times in any part of mainline UK, urgent cancer times not met since 2008, A&E targets that have never been met, the list goes on. The people of Wales deserve better.

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