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Freedom Central is an independent, collaborative website run by Welsh Liberal Democrat acitivists where any individual inside or outside the party can express their views. Views expressed on this website are those of the individuals who express them and may not reflect those of the party.

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  1. sheila oneill says

    I know John Hemming does a lot to assist parents who have their children wrongly removed by social services and family courts.
    Is this a general interest within the Liberal Party that the birth family is an important foundation for life and that more should be done to stop wrongful removal of children and better protect those that need help. Also do the Liberal Party believe that birth parents enduring crisis, housing, poverty and ill health should be supported and not harmed further. Considering the vast amounts of money put into foster care, children’s homes and forced adoptions does it not make sense to re-invest this money towards assisting birth families.
    I appreciate your thoughts and time on this.

  2. Tim Hill says

    Hi Sheila
    The Liberal Party is a different party to the one that this blog is run by. If you want the Liberal Party’s views on an issue, you had better ask them.
    For example, John Hemming is a Liberal Democrat MP, not a Liberal MP.
    Tim Hill

  3. Robert Wootton says

    I am a member of the Liberal Democrats.
    Regarding supporting parents, I personally advocate the payment of a Parenthood Allowance of the minimum wage times 100 hours. At present this would work out to £619 per week. To qualify for the allowance, a parent or a grandparent would need to pass an NVQ in parenting skills. Child benefit would be abolished. However, a completely new banking and economic system would be necessary to do this.
    But a supernanny in every family, a massive increase in the supply of qualified child cares thus bringing down the cost of childcare, And since the father or the mother could qualify for the allowance, equality of opportunity in the workplace.

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