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If you would like to submit an opinion piece for Freedom Central, you are very welcome to do so. Contributions to the blog should be about 500 words – though this is advisory, not mandatory – and should be sent to

Articles submitted to Freedom Central should be original, and not previously published elsewhere on the internet. If you refer to organisations, quotes or evidence to back up your argument, please do include the full website url of your source to enable us to insert the correct link into your piece. Please state your affiliation to the Liberal Democrat party – ie, if you’re a member/activist/councillor, etc. Please email us a ‘mug-shot’ photo to accompany your article (if you’d like to).

We are happy to publish articles by non-Lib Dem members (at the editor’s discretion), and will ensure this is flagged for readers to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. In some (exceptional) circumstances a pseudonym will be allowed.
The blog is edited, so that it remains lively and interesting. We can’t give you a cast iron promise that if you submit a piece it will be published, but if it can’t be published straight away we’ll usually advise you how you can improve the piece to get it published at a later date.

All views are welcome.

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  1. Richard Dean says

    It would be nice if someone could start a discussion about the global financial crisis. Like many people, I am completely mystified about it – for example, why can’t banks simply seize Greek assets if Greek defaults, isn’t that what they do to companies that default and people who default? The Sky News reporter a couple of nights ago commented that no-one at Davos seemed to know what has caused the crisis, and there are competing views about how to resolve it – including the view that austerity measures actually make it worse rather than better. It would be nice if someone with some sort of knowledge could start a discussion on this.

    Another interesting discussion might be – should we join the Euro? It’s astonishing how the anti-Europeans seem to dominate any debvate by simply saying that it’s unthinkable – but why would this be so? There are likely to be many benefits, even with the current problems. For one thing, we would get to particpate in making the rules that others would follow, as well as be better able to prevent rules from being developed that damage us. Maybe some brave soul with a bit of knowledge in the area (unlike me!) could start a debate?

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